Name: Canon-IR1022
Manufacturer: canon
Model: IR1022
Price: $0.00

Maximum Original Size: A4
Copy Sizes Cassette: A4, Stack Bypass: A5 A4, Envelopes
Resolution Copying: 600dpi x 600dpi, 1200dpi equivalent x 600dpi
Printing: 1200dpi equivalent x 600dpi (PCL, UFRII LT) 256 Gradations
Copy/Print Speed A4: 18cpm (iR1018J/1018), 22cpm (iR1022A/22F/22i/22iF)
Magnification Zoom: 50-200%, Fixed: 50%, 70%,100%, 141%, 200%
First copy time  8.0 sec or less (iR1018J/1018), 12.0 sec or less (iR1022A/22F/22i/22iF)
Warm-Up Time Less than 13.5 sec.for iR1018J/18/22A/22F
less than 16 sec. for iR1022i/22iF
Multiple Copies/Prints   1 to 99 sheets
Double-Sided Automatic stackless
Paper weight Cassette: 64 to 90g/m2, Stack Bypass: 56 to 128g/m2
Double-Sided: 64 to 80g/m2
Cassette              A4
Paper Capacity (80g/m)
Standard              500 sheets x 1 cassette, Stack Bypass: 100 sheets
Optional               500 sheets x 1 cassette, Max.Total paper capacity: 1,100 sheets
CPU       Canon Custom Processor, 192MHz
Memory              64MB (iR1018J), 128MB (iR1018/22A/22F), 256MB (iR1022i/22iF)
Interface             iR1018J USB2.0
iR1018/22A/22F Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-T) optional, USB2.0
iR1022i/iF Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-T), USB2.0
Power Supply    220V AC to 240V AC
Power Consumption(W) 954W max
Dimensions (WxDxH)     520 x 457 x 378 mm (iR1018J/18)
520 x 457 x 453 mm (iR1022A/22F/22i/22iF)
Weight Approx. 22.0kg (iR1018J/18) Approx. 24.1kg (iR1022A/22F/22i/22iF)
Scan Speed with DADF   BW: 20ipm A4 300dpi, Colour: 6ipm A4 300dpi
Scan Resolution BW: 200x100dpi, 200dpi, 200x400dpi, 300dpi, 400dpi, 600dpi
Colour: 100dpi, 150dpi, 200dpi, 300dpi (JPEG)
300dpi (High compression PDF)
Destinations  E-Mail/Internet FAX (SMTP), PC (SMB,FTP), WDM Gateway
Address book  Local (Max.200)
File Format  Single: (BW) TIFF, PDF (Colour) JPEG, High compression PDF
Multi: (BW) TIFF, PDF (Colour) High compression PDF
PDL UFRII LT (Standard for iR1018/22A/22F/22i/22iF), PCL 5e/6
(Standard for iR1022i/22iF)
Resolution 1200dpi equivalent x 600dpi (PCL, UFRII LT),
1200dpi x 1200dpi (UFRII LT with PCL option)
Memory 128MB (iR1018/22A/22F),
256MB (iR1022i/22iF)
CPU Canon Custom Processor, 192MHz (Uses Main Unit CPU)
PCL Fonts Roman113 (including Barcode Fonts)
Supported OS    PCL: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 Server
UFRII LT: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003Server,
Mac OS 10.2.8-10.4.3
Interface (Standard) Stack Bypass: 56      iR1018/22A/22F to 128g/m Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-T) optional, USB2.0
iR1022i/iF Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-T), USB2.0
Network Protocol TCP/IP (LPD/RAW/ Port 9100)
Paper size A4R, A5R, A5
Paper weight     50 g/m
Max. Number of originals A5R to A4: 50 sheets (80g/m2)
Document Scanning
speed (max.)
Copy iR1022A/1022F/1022i/1022iF: A4 20 ipm
(50/60Hz) Scan  BW: 20ipm A4 300dpi, Colour: 6ipm A4 300dpi
OTHER ACCESSORIES iR1018/22 Plain Pedestal, Cassette Feeding Unit, Cassette, Card Reader-
E1, Card Reader Attachment, Network Kit (Standard for iR1022i/22iF),
PCL Kit (Standard for iR1022i/22iF)

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